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Ecotherapy Examples

Ecotherapy is another term for nature therapy involving outdoor activities in nature. To experience it there are many things you can do. This post is about several ecotherapy examples for you to practice.

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As an avid hiker and as someone who has struggled with anxiety, I have discovered how practical and healing nature can be, and the benefits have been insightful. There are many different outdoor activities for experiencing ecotherapy.

Note: I am not a professional, and this blog is intended to be inspirational and informative.

Ecotherapy Examples

Forest Bathing: The term Forest Bathing comes from the Japanese word shinrin-yoku, which means to absorb the forest atmosphere. This practice encourages you to spend time in nature, and the goal is to be present in the moment while immersing yourself in the sight & sound of a natural setting.

Earthing or grounding: This technique requires you to be barefoot to connect with the earth’s surface using your body. The purpose of this technique is to feel nature’s energy and make you feel grounded to Earth.

Ocean Therapy: Laying, walking, and strolling down the beach or simply bathing in the sea can be great for your mind – sounds of the ocean have been proven to bring joy, putting you in a meditative state. I love using the expression “vitamin sea,” so when you get a chance, go get your dose of it and enjoy the beauty of the sea!

Hiking or walking: Hiking and walking are both extremely beneficial, and hiking is also excellent cardio for your wellness. Going on short walks like a nature walk or taking a leisure stroll in the neighborhood are great ways to seek some outdoor time, even briefly. Just the fresh air can make a difference!

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Unique Ecotherapy Examples

  • Gardening  – Planting a tree or growing plants or produce can be therapeutic. It doesn’t require going far and can be done from home. Learn more about Horticultural Therapy.
  • Goat Yoga – This form of yoga promotes animal therapy which can help lower stress and cholesterol. Spending time with animals is an energy booster and can make you feel happy being surrounded by animals.
  • Stargazing – Laying or sitting outdoors at night and looking up at the night sky and stars can be relaxing – makes you wander off to a good night’s sleep.
  • Bird watching – Many forms of nature can be therapeutic, like bird watching. Observing different types of birds and how they roam around their environment in a quiet setting provides tranquility.
  • Horse riding – Riding a horse through a trail or any designated area they are permitted can be comforting. Horses provide a calm, beautiful and peaceful experience outdoors.
  • Picnics – Simple picnics in the grass or beach are easy to plan; the best part is sitting under the sun’s warmth while catching views of nature from every corner. While you nourish your body with food, snacks and fluids, you can also nourish it with the views.
  • Swimming – Swimming is relaxing and can calming for many muscles in your body. It is a fun way to embrace being outside, whether that is in a lake, ocean, or an outdoor pool.
  • Giving back – Collecting trash goes a long way! You can do coastal cleanups, neighborhood cleanups, or trash collecting on hiking trails. The point is to be in nature while doing something good for the environment. I promise it will make you feel good!

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Ecotherapy Examples

Running or cycling: Running and cycling are among the best cardio techniques if you aren’t big on hiking. Running is healthy for the heart rate and helps you release stress. Cycling helps work many muscles and is excellent for mental health.

Sunshine: Sunshine helps boost energy levels! We all need vitamin D to help the muscles function better and keep the heart healthy. Sun exposure provides D3 and D2, which come from our food. Getting both is vital to prevent Vitamin D deficiency. Use sunblock or sunscreen if needed, and remember, a higher SPF is better to prevent less UV radiation from reaching your skin.

Fresh Air: Getting fresh is so good for the soul, and our body needs oxygen to work correctly. It provides energy and is essential for brain function. Fresh air may be what your mind needs during moments of stress and tension!

Meditation outdoors: Meditating outdoors is so relaxing when it is done in a quiet and peaceful location. It is so rewarding to meditate to the sounds of nature and gather your thoughts in deep meditation.

Your Thoughts: Do you practice ecotherapy?

This post was about Ecotherapy Examples. Which of these techniques do you find most useful? Share a comment below, and let me know if you do something different for your well-being.

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