Road Trip-Siskiyou County

You can take many epic road trips in California – one place I recommend going to is Siskiyou County. From a fantastic railroad resort all the way to Mount Shasta. This location is beautiful, quiet, and rewarding. Being surrounded by forests on every end is so magical in this region. I have a screenshot of a map of this general area. As you can see, many of these locations aren’t too far from each other, but you’ll want to take several days to enjoy them. This road trip is located on Hwy 5 & Hwy 89. This is all an hour from Redding. Read more about Road Trip-Siskiyou County.

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Siskiyou County

Road Trip Essentials

Railroad Park Resort & Dining Car Restaurant

The first location is the Railroad Park Resort And Dining Car Restaurant. One of the most unique stays I have ever had. Around the time I visited, my son was really into trains, so I thought, why not sleep in a caboose to fulfill his love for trains? We stayed for a night, and I was so impressed with how beautiful this location was. Every view left me in awe because of the mountains and trees all around the resort. There were also plenty of areas to take a short walk with a creek nearby. The resort offers a gift shop, restaurant, beautiful views, and your individual caboose.

Dunsmuir, California


The cities of Dunsmuir and McCloud offer a great range of epic waterfalls [NorCal Waterfall Guide]. In Dunsmuir, you will find Hedge Creek Falls and Mossbrae Falls. Hedge Creek Falls is a brief walk down (0.6 miles), very short and simple. Mossbrae Falls is a little tricky to visit as this trail is a bit controversial since it is technically on private property – do some research beforehand! At the trail at McCloud Falls, you will find three waterfalls -the lower, middle, and upper. Many visitors come to this area to see these specific waterfalls, which were also a massive part of my trip there!

Castle Lake – Heart Lake

My favorite part of my trip was hiking to this location below (look at that view)! This is the Heart Lake From Castle Lake Trail. It is one of my favorite hikes in NorCal, and as an avid hiker, I have hiked a lot of places, but this one remains unique. The trail is less than 3 miles, and new trail markers have been added recently, which is a good thing because, in the past, this trail was a bit hard to navigate through. This location is spectacular; once you reach the summit, you can see Castle Lake, Mount Shasta, and Black Butte. Depending on the angle or the area you shoot an image from, you can also get Heart Lake in the frame. The views are just too beautiful!

Castle Lake

Black Butte

Black Butte can be seen from the highway, as you see pictured below. There is a trail, but it can be a bit rocky and dicey from the reviews. The summit looks beautiful, and you can see views of Mount Shasta from there. It looks pretty grand. I wanted to add this here because it looks like a fantastic place to get close to for some pictures. This is as close as I got, but if I were to go back, I might consider hiking it or finding the trailhead to see what it is like nearby.

Black Butte

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta is one of the coolest cities I have been to. I think it is unique because you see the mountain from every angle anywhere you are in the area. The history of Mount Shasta blows my mind – it is an active volcano considered dormant but not extinct; this mountain is also known as a sacred area to many natives. This is the place to go if you want to feel spiritually connected to nature. Going to Siskiyou County is by far one of my favorite road trips I have ever taken in Northern California, and I honestly cannot wait to go back again.

Mt Shasta

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