13 Enjoyable Hiking Trails In The Bay Area

Here are 13 enjoyable hiking trails in the Bay Area to add to your list. The Bay Area covers five regions: the South Bay, East Bay, North Bay, Peninsula, and San Francisco Bay. These trails range from easy to moderate – so if you are looking for some leisure strolls or inspiration to get outdoors, these hiking trails are a great place to start! 

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13 Enjoyable Hiking Trails in the Bay Area

East Bay

1. Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve – Oakland

There are many trail options depending on the kind of hike you are looking for. This location also has labyrinths, and there are quite a few. This easy trail is about 4 miles.

Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve

2) Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve – Oakland

This trail is easy and a nice little loop in the Oakland Hills. Near the middle of the trail, you come across a small lookout area, a great place to take it all in and continue afterward. This trail is about 3 miles.

Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve

3) Sunol Wilderness Regional Preserve – Sunol

Those who go to Sunol Wilderness Regional Preserve often go to the Little Yosemite Trail, which is great, but on the opposite side is the Indian Joe Creek Trail, which has some cool rock formations and is less crowded. It is nearly 3 miles and is considered moderate.

Sunol Wilderness Regional Preserve

North Bay

4) Indian Tree Open Space Preserve – Novato

Not too many people head to the North Bay to hike, which could be because it gets warmer in this region – many trails are often exposed, making it harder to explore in the warmer seasons. But here are some locations worth checking out. This trail is the Big Trees and Upper Meadow Trail. This place has some pretty tree views and is a short and easy loop.

Indian Tree Open Space Preserve

5) Indian Valley Open Space Preserve – Novato

This trail is known for its waterfalls, but they haven’t been thriving as much in the past few years; this location is beautiful and serene. This trail is known as the Schwindt, Indian Valley, and Waterfall Trail Loop; it’s a moderate 3.5-mile loop. 

Indian Valley Open Space Reserve

6) Olompali State Historic Park – Novato

This historical park doesn’t get too busy, and there is one hiking trail that loops around the park; you can also learn about its history from all the signs you see throughout the park. It is an excellent place for hiking in the springtime since it gets too hot in the summertime. This loop is an easy 3 miles.

Olompali State Historic Park

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7) Foothills Open Space Preserve – Palo Alto

Foothills Open Space Preserve opened to the public recently as it was only accessible to Palo Alto residents. I recommend checking it out. You’ll get some great views of the Bay, and you will see blooms in spring. Hiking trails are moderate & range from 2 to 7 miles.

Foothills Open Space Preserve

8) Skyline Open Space Preserve – La Honda

Alpine Pond to Horseshoe Lake is one of my favorites in this area. So many trees surround it, and the views are spectacular at sunset since it is close to the coast.  This trail is about 4 miles, and it is moderate.

Skyline Open Space Preserve 

9) Old Spanish Trail – Portola Valley

A hidden trail tucked away in Portola Valley comes with a swing! You’ll see lovely views of this side of the peninsula. You can add many more miles to this location, but this trail is a 5-mile moderate trail.

Old Spanish Trail

South Bay

10) Villa Montalvo – Saratoga

One of the most leisurely hikes in the Bay Area but also one of the most inspiring because of the constant reminders you see – excellent signs providing positive messages. This place is also great for a photo shoot because this location is also an art center. The trail itself is about 3 miles and easy.

Villa Montalvo Hiking Trails

11) Almaden Quicksilver County Park- San Jose

This is a location that I had never been to in San Jose; I had no idea there were so many trails in just this park alone! It is an excellent location for all skill levels and furry friends. The trail I visited was about 5 miles long and considered easy.

Almaden Quicksilver County Park

12) Sanborn County Park – Saratoga

Sanborn has excellent views, and this location makes for a great spring or summer hike; it can be exposed in certain areas, but many areas are shaded since trees surround it. Trails range from moderate to challenging. This moderate trail is nearly 5 miles.

Sanborn County Park

13) Ed R. Levin County Park – Milpitas

The hills in Milpitas are lovely, and the views from the top are amazing. Springtime is excellent since flowers are in full bloom. Just beware of the various cattle you see; they sometimes block the trail so try to avoid getting too close to them. This trail is moderate and a little over 6 miles.

Ed R. Levin County Park

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Your Thoughts: What is your favorite hike in the Bay Area?

This post was about 13 Enjoyable Hiking Trails In The Bay Area. Do you have a favorite trail in the Bay Area? Share a comment below and let me know your favorite place to hike in the Bay Area region.

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  1. Hi Dina, as you know I hike a lot and I’m still amazed there are so many places close by I haven’t hiked yet. Thankyou for putting this blog together, I learned of a few new trails today!

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