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3 Beautiful California Coastal Hiking Trails

Here are 3 Beautiful California Coastal Hiking Trails to explore along Highway 1 on the Pacific Ocean. There are so many trails along the California coast in Northern California. Most people who head to the coast are often looking for the best beaches, but if you want to start your day with a hike, I recommend these 3 locations because they are usually not crowded, are quiet, and the views are beautiful! Located in Pacifica and near Half Moon Bay – these trails range from moderate to challenging.

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3 Beautiful Coastal Hikes

1. Montara Mountain – Montara

Montara Mountain Trail is located near Pacifica. It can be challenging as it gets steep towards the end of the trail, but the views from above are beautiful – on days when it’s not foggy, and the skies are clear, you get terrific ocean views. This trail is a little over 7 miles and is exposed, so go early on warmer days.

Montara Mountain Trail

2. Quarry Park – El Granada

Quarry Park is located in El Granada. Although it may not be the longest trail to hike, it’s hard because there is some incline in several areas; I wouldn’t consider this trail challenging but more leisurely and moderate. This hike has eucalyptus trees all around, so if you like shaded trails, this is a great one – there is also a labyrinth and a kid’s playground near the parking area, which makes this location great for families looking for a short but lovely hike. This trail is 4 miles in total.

Quarry Park

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3) San Pedro Valley Park – Pacifica

San Pedro Valley Park is in Pacifica; this trail is scenic from several portions of the hike. This trail is less visited than some of the locations close by. From eucalyptus trees and views of the coast, I highly recommend this trail if you are hiking in this region. This moderate trail is a little over 7 miles. There is a parking fee, but parking is also available outside the park.

San Pedro Valley County Park

Your Thoughts: What is your favorite coastal trail?

This post was about 3 Beautiful California Coastal Hiking Trails. Do you have a location near the coast that you go back to for hiking? Share a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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