3 NorCal Coastal Gems

Here are 3 NorCal Coastal Gems to visit in California. These beaches are not only beautiful but are less popular than some other beaches in the area. I highly recommend these 3 locations for pictures, quietness, sunset views, and for a picnic.

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1) Martins Beach, Half Moon Bay

Martins Beach in Half Moon Bay has quite a history, making this location a rare one to visit. A homeowner who lives next to this beach has argued that the road to access this beach is private property, so it has caused an ongoing battle between the state of California and the property owner.

The gate is open to the public, but the times vary, and you must pay a $10 fee to park. There is also street parking, and it is about 1.5 miles down the road to get to the beach – no fee is required if you park on the side of the road. This beach is quiet, the views are amazing, and the rock formations are beautiful. I suggest adding this one to your list.

Martins Beach

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2) Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, Moss Beach

Fitzgerald Marine Reserve is one of the unique locations; it has been my favorite for years! Moss Beach is a great place to briefly hike to watch seals and explore tide pools when the sea levels are low enough. Take the stairs down to the beach, leading you to spectacular ocean views.

Once you leave the central area, you can start a short hike at the small bridge near California Ave that leads you through the fantastic trees pictured below. In the parking area, you can also head in the opposite direction to the tide pool beach area. If it’s around low tide you can see several sea animals. I often recommend this place to friends and family because of how beautiful it is.

Moss Beach

3) Black Sands Beach, Sausalito

Black Sands Beach is one of those rare beaches you must visit because the name says it all! We all know black sand beaches exist worldwide, and there is one in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The sand may not be as abundant in color as other black beaches, but it is very different from other beaches in the Bay Area due to its dark sand color. Getting to this beach is a bit tricky because the area there tends to be pretty popular, and parking is not always easy to find. To get to the beach, it is a hike down for about a mile or so.

A section of the beach to the left is known to be a nude area, so beware of that! Besides that, this beach is large enough, it’s beautiful, and the color of the sand stands out more on sunny days. Note: The hike has an incline on the way up, so pack light. 

Black Sands Beach

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This post was about 3 NorCal Coastal Gems. Do you have a favorite beach in California? Do you like coastal locations? Share your favorite beach with me below if you have one.

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