Pain Doesn’t Define You

In the Thick of Pain

Pain doesn’t define you and is a feeling we all encounter. It is inevitable not to experience it at some point in our lives. Pain or agony can develop from heartbreak, the loss of a loved one, a betrayal, and many other reasons. The word agony is defined as “extreme physical or mental suffering,” but as many words do, there are several definitions. One of the other definitions is “the final stages of a difficult or painful death.”

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I highlight both terms to reference the fact that agony combines both. Agony comes from a place of suffering that can feel like death, and you’re left wondering how you will cope. One thing I have learned about pain is that it comes in different stages. Each level reveals different emotions along the way.

Experiences Are All Different

We all experience pain differently, but one sure thing is that as the healing process begins, other emotions are felt along the way. This part can become so discouraging because you begin to think that you are making progress, and suddenly, something changes, and you’re back to feeling low.

There will always be good and bad days when the healing process happens. No day will be the same, but every day that passes by it will make you stronger, and the pain will decrease slightly. In other moments, you may experience worse than good days, but it’s all part of the process, and as uncomfortable as it may be, you must keep pushing through those moments.

The wounds, once there, will eventually heal, and the pain will disappear. These experiences can become something more rewarding and change your perspective by allowing you to make wiser decisions, become more aware of yourself, and learn to appreciate everything good in your life. 

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You Got This!

Remember that many things in life are temporary – pain is certainly one of them. Some people and things are only here for a season, while other people and things enter for a reason. Once we understand that we have no control over what happens to us, we can be at peace. Don’t victimize yourself for long; stand tall and be the person you were made to be. Just take one step at a time, even on your worst days. Progress is progress, and you got this. 

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This post was about how Pain Doesn’t Define You. Have you had to endure pain in your life? How did you cope with it? Please share a comment below and let me know your thoughts on this subject.

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