Use Nature and Your Body as Therapy

How do you use nature and your body as therapy? Perhaps you’ve had a stressful week, possibly feeling a little overwhelmed or burnt out and looking to destress. Feeling like you need a boost of energy? There are several ways to connect with nature that could be therapeutic for you and help you reduce stress a little less, and there are also things you can do with your body to help guide you.

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How to Use Nature and Your Body as Therapy

Ecotherapy allows us to connect with nature more profoundly and bring our thoughts back to the present moment. Our minds consume so much daily, which helps ground us from the stressors we face in our routines and lifestyles. Moving your body is also essential to feeling a little more motivated and energized throughout the day.

Connect with Nature:

Open a window/door:

Opening a door or window allows you to hear the sounds of birds chirping and the wind blowing. It might even encourage you to step outside for a moment. If that isn’t possible, I would also suggest sitting in an area where the sun may be shining; the sun’s warmth makes a difference and allows you to feel more present. Look outside occasionally if you are lucky enough to be near a window.

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Step outside your door:

Stepping outside your front door, porch, or backyard for a break to get fresh air can make a slight change in your thought process. If you work in front of a screen all day, remember to step away for a moment or look away at the screen from where you are. This helps your eyes and mind change focus for a second, which might be precisely what your brain needs if you are feeling a little overworked.

Listen to the sounds of nature:

Listening to the sounds of nature has been proven to help your mind stay focused. There are numerous videos on YouTube where you can hear the sounds of running water from the ocean, waterfalls, and rivers. Wilderness sounds can help boost your creativity, so go ahead and search for nature sounds, forest sounds, or even meditation music.

Mind, Body & Water:


Stretching helps you pay attention to where your stress might be coming from. We often don’t realize how bad our posture may be and might feel a little tense. Take a moment to stretch from where you are, or walk away from your workspace and find a place to do it. Stretching is so underrated, yet something so simple can make such a difference for your body; once you feel that stretch, you will feel so good, I promise.

Do a breathing technique:

Breathing techniques are helpful and practical. I am still learning more about them, but breathing is a big part of our lives whether we realize it or not – it is always with us! I heard a while back that when people read emails, their breathing patterns change. This also happens in other situations with things like anxiety and such. So check your breathing and pay attention to it. Remember, without the proper oxygen, our brains don’t function right.

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Drink water:

Staying hydrated is something you often hear repeated so much because it is something that we can all easily forget to do. I am certainly guilty, and you know you are, too. So don’t forget to drink water, and keep a bottle or cup beside you. If you think water is lame, add some flavor to it; things like fruit and lemon are great options. Chia seeds are also known to boost energy, or if you want some spice – add some cayenne pepper with lemon, one of my favorites.

Use the calm app:

Lastly, I suggest using the Calm app. This app offers many resources that are great for your body and mind. You can find meditations, breathing techniques, sounds of nature, and much more. I use this app to help me fall asleep on the days when I am struggling to sleep. I look for the sounds of the sea, rain, or wind to help me shut my eyes. Give it a shot sometime and see if you find it useful.

Your Thoughts: Do you enjoy being in nature?

This post was about Using Nature and Your Body as Therapy. Do you have a particular place that makes you feel more at peace? Share a comment below and tell me where your favorite place that brings you peace is, and I will share mine.

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