5 Trail Locations for Taking Pictures

Here is a list of 5 Trail Locations for Taking Pictures. They offer some incredible scenery and vary in landscape. The Bay Area has many picturesque locations, but these areas are often popular among photographers. Most of these locations are easy to access, and not much trekking is required if your mission is to capture pictures.

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1) Alviso Marina County Park – Alviso, CA

This bayside park is unique because of the paths & boardwalks. It’s an excellent place for a golden hour photo shoot to capture those golden-yellow tones. This trail is straightforward to access and doesn’t require much walking. If you want a place to get a quick photoshoot with a fantastic background, this is such a pretty location.

Alviso Marina

2) Pescadero Marsh Natural Preserve – Pescadero, CA

This marsh in Pescadero is one of a kind because it is the only extensive wetland along the coast of the San Francisco Peninsula. It is located near Highway 1 across from Pescadero State Beach, which has an excellent rock arch. This place remains damp a lot of the time, so there is usually a lot of color coming from the ecosystem. This trail has lots of unique bridges throughout the trail & is very manageable to hike. There are also some sandy parts on the trail, giving you many photo options!

Pescadero Marsh

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3) Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park – Felton, CA

If you want to take pictures of redwoods, I highly recommend Henry Cowell. This state park has so many redwoods & there are various locations to take pictures of them. There are many hiking trails throughout the park, and this specific trail has unique paths of redwood trees just about everywhere you look.

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Henry Cowell Redwoods

4) Don Edwards Wildlife Preserve – Fremont, CA

Don Edwards’s sunset views are amazing. I spend a lot of time at this location and have never captured a picture I didn’t like. It’s a popular place for photoshoots and taking pictures of birds. I usually go for the sunsets for a quick hike to get some fantastic lighting. A favorite of mine. 

Don Edwards Park

5) Coyote Hills Regional Park – Fremont, CA

The Bay Area is known to have a lot of marshes and preserves, which are protected areas for wildlife habitats. Coyote Hills is great for hiking, biking & walking, and taking pictures. The colors of the marsh and the colors of the clouds always stand out at this specific location. There are so many hills and easy trails all around the park. If you want to capture images of the water, check out this trail.

Don Edwards Park

Your Thoughts: Do you like to take pictures?

This post was about 5 Trail Locations for Taking Pictures. Have you been to any of these locations? Do you use a camera or phone to take pictures? Please share a comment below and let me know your photography tips with me.

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