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Solo Hiking Tips for Women

In this blog, I provide Solo Hiking Tips for Women. The first thing you should know is that preparation is key to remaining safe on the trails. I know a lot of women who are often concerned about safety, so here are some tips if you are heading on a solo adventure outdoors.

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Don Edwards Park

Hiking Essentials

Tips for Safety & Preparation

  • Let someone know where you are going or staying if it’s a trip
  • Download offline maps, trails, and directions, or bring printed copies
  • Have a Have an SOS device; I suggest looking into getting one of these.
  • Pepper spray and a pocket knife are always good to have
  • Always have a reusable water bottle with you; water is essential.
  • Don’t forget to have feminine products packed; it’s a must. 
  • A flashlight may come in handy, especially on the trails
  • Kleenex or some paper in case a bathroom isn’t available
  • A mini first aid kit with you: band-aids, ibuprofen, allergy pills, creams, alcohol wipes, sunblock
  • A selfie stick/tripod for pictures – capturing images when you are hiking alone
  • A bag, you never know what you might need it for, and also great for packing out trash

Remember that safety is critical. Most of the things I have mentioned here have helped me along the way to be prepared in case anything happens at all.

Additional Things to Know

  • If you are wearing earbuds/headphones on hikes, make sure you keep one in & one out.
  • Pay attention to the people you see, especially traveling abroad or out of town.
  • Hike & travel to areas where there are people and where you will be safe on your own
  • Stay on your route and/or trail when you are on road trips or hiking
  • Ensure that you check your car’s gas, oil, and tires for a road trip.
  • Have an extra gallon of water in the car; this will come in handy at some point.
  • Have a small blanket in the car since the weather tends to change often
  • A fanny pack is good to have for things like a passport, ID, and cards

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Your Thoughts: Do you like to travel solo?

This post was about Solo Hiking Tips for Women. Have you ever traveled anywhere alone? How did it make you feel? Comment below and let me know about your hiking and solo traveling adventures.

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