Blue Canyon Lake, Sonora Pass

Sonora Pass often comes to mind when I think about a California road trip. This road is open from late Spring to the beginning of the Fall season, and the snow conditions make it uncertain when the road will open and close each year. Use this resource for accurate and up-to-date information or type in the highway number for details before you go.

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Sonora Pass

Sonora Pass

Sonora Pass is located on State Route 108. Certain parts of the road are narrow and steep, so be cautious when driving through. There are many scenic places to park, take pictures, have a snack, and hike or backpack.

Blue Canyon Lake

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Blue Canyon Lake

Use the address that is listed on AllTrails. This lake is an alpine lake located in the Emigrant Wilderness. It is roughly about 4 miles out and back with an elevation of over 1,200 ft.

Blue Canyon is considered a challenging trail because of the loose rock you come across – suitable footwear is recommended.

There is limited parking, and the parking area closest to the trailhead can fit about 3-4 cars; there are other places you can park, but they are a bit further. It’s important to note that parking is on Hwy 108.

Trailhead Coordinates: 38º 19’08.46″N 119º39’49.26″W.

Blue Canyon Lake

Finding the Trailhead

No trailhead marker exists at the beginning of the trail, but the trail begins near the parking area where the coordinates are located. You scramble down an embankment where a creek flows at the bottom. You will cross this creek, and then you will see the trail.

You follow a stream for most of the hike, and you will see several waterfalls along the way. Depending on the season, the trail has several stream crossings; the snow may conceal the trail, so be careful. My biggest recommendation, besides wearing hiking boots, is to have trekking poles with you.

This trek can be a day trip; if you plan on staying overnight, don’t forget to get a permit. Blue Canyon Lake is available to hike for only about four months out of the year. Consider good shoes, trekking poles, and drinking water, and if you want to take a dip in the lake, bring some extra clothes. 

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Blue Canyon
Blue Canyon Lake

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