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Solo Road Trips – Lake Tahoe Edition

Solo Road Trips – Lake Tahoe Edition. If you are planning your first solo road trip, this blog offers tips and recommendations on preparing for one. Not all of this may apply to you, but there are some great ideas to help ensure you are ready to go before you hit the road on your first solo adventure.

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The Benefits of Traveling Alone

Being with others is excellent, but sometimes, a solo adventure provides a different sense of quietness and tranquility. It feels so liberating to be away from everyday life and social interactions when you can escape and are alone, which can feel extraordinary!

I took my first solo road trip to the Lake Tahoe area, which was terrific. It was right after the snowfall, so fresh snow made for epic adventures. At first, I feared traveling farther than 4 hours away from home. I have gone on numerous road trips, but never too far from my area, and I am never alone. One of the most incredible things about living in the Bay Area is being close to many unique places, such as Lake Tahoe.

Hiking Safety Essentials

Research and Make a List of Locations You Want to Visit

I packed my bags and researched several trails and locations I wanted to check out. I also checked the weather to ensure it was safe to go. During the day, I went to this fantastic trail called Cave Rock, which exceeded my expectations because I had the place to myself. I also got to experience Sand Harbor Beach for a while with no one in sight. It was spectacular.

The drive around the Tahoe area to Incline Village was beautiful, and seeing the mountains covered in snow felt so peaceful. I enjoy driving in new areas, with the smell of fresh air and incredible scenery. The weekend I was there, I got great weather; the sun was shining, making great lighting when taking photos. Overall, my first solo road trip was great, and I cannot wait to do it again. 

Tips for Solo Road Trips

If you plan a solo road trip, I think you can benefit from some of these tips. These are my personal recommendations for you and good reminders.

  • DO A LOT OF RESEARCH: Make a small itinerary of the places you want to see, and determine the distance of all locations. Study maps, watch videos to get familiar with the location, and read reviews.
  • CHECK WEATHER & ROAD CONDITIONS: Safety first! You don’t want to risk your life and end up in a bad situation, so check all conditions.
  • CHECK YOUR CAR: Ensure tires have enough air and that your gas tank is full, and check essential maintenance before heading on the road.
  • ALWAYS HAVE WATER: This one is a big one! You never know what situation you may encounter, and being on the road, you may not see a convenience store or gas station for miles.
  • HAVE A FEW ESSENTIALS: These will vary, but things like tissue, feminine products, bags, first aid kits, lotions, batteries, and medications like Dramamine or allergy medicine are good to have. 
  • DRIVE SAFE: Be safe on the road, especially on roads that you are not familiar with. Check your speed, and if you plan on driving slowly, ensure you are in the appropriate lane.
  • PACKING LIST: This will vary. A tip I recommend is to have extra blankets in the car. I also recommend a flashlight, sunblock, bug spray, sanitizer, reusable water bottle, gum, pen, cell phone charger, extra battery pack, sunglasses, hat, and snacks. 

Lastly, remember to let someone know where you are going, and don’t forget a phone charger to communicate with those who are keeping in touch while you are on the road. Happy and Safe Adventuring!

Your Thoughts: Have you taken a solo road trip?

This post was about Solo Road Trips – Lake Tahoe Edition. What is your favorite part about solo traveling? Share a comment below and let me know your thoughts about your adventures alone and where you have been.

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