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Alamere Falls at Point Reyes

Did you know that California has two tidefalls? One is in Big Sur, and the other is at Point Reyes National Seashore – known as Alamere Falls. This lovely trail has many landscapes: lakes, ponds, oceans, waterfalls, and the epic tidefall that you are rewarded with at the trail’s end.

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Alamere Falls

This hike can typically take anywhere from 10-17 miles, depending on the route you choose to take. If I were to pick a route, I would recommend sticking to the longer trail, especially if you are afraid of heights. The shortcut is a little steep and dangerous. I followed the map from AllTrails; this is the best path to take.

Hiking Safety Essentials

Alamere Falls at Point Reyes

Short Path

The short path cuts about 2 miles both ways. I didn’t get many pictures of this particular section, but once you are there, it does look a little sketchy, so be cautious! If you want to cut some miles, I recommend taking the shorter path on your way back from the falls.

Alamere Falls at Point Reyes

Mileage Varies

I would consider this trial moderate as it is primarily flat and straightforward. There are many trail posts that you do approach, so I would keep a map to stay in route. Remember that everyone logs in different miles; for some, it is shorter, and for others, it is longer – depending on your speed.

Alamere Falls at Point Reyes

Must See

Get there as early as possible! As an avid hiker, I find this trail a little busier than I anticipated. If you live in the Bay Area or are simply stopping by – this is a trail worth the visit, but getting early is essential, and I highly recommend it. Enjoy, have fun, and be safe if you make it there!

Alamere Falls

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