Hiking Boots for Women

There are many hiking boots for women and searching for boots can be overwhelming because of the number of brands to look through. The main reason to wear hiking boots is for ankle support. Boots are great for loose rock, scramble, muddy, and wet trails. If you are searching for unique hiking boot brands, here are several. 

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Sierra Nevada


Columbia boots were the first boot brand I ever tried that I liked. They are affordable, offer many colors, and are waterproof. They have a vast selection of styles, which I have always liked about Columbia. My experience with them is that depending on the material, some of their shoes last longer than others – I recommend trying their suede leather boots.

Hello, World!

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I might be biased, but this is one of the best boot brands. Danner boots are made from leather, which means they are durable. This is one of their most popular boot – pictured below. It’s my first choice and is very comfortable for most of my hikes. Leather is usually heavy, but my experience with their boots is that they are lightweight and well-crafted.

Malakoff Diggins


Arc’teryx has great gear for the outdoors for climbers and hikers. They do not have a vast selection of hiking boots, but the ones they have are excellent for protection. I own a pair, and they are very comfortable! If you are like me and looking for brands outside of the more popular recommendations, try Arc’teryx. Their shoe selection is also very comfortable and lightweight.

Purisima Creek Redwoods

Arc’teryx Shoes

Land of Medicine Buddha

Hiking Boots

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Other Brand Options

I also wanted to add two popular brands when looking for hiking boots. I polled on Instagram to investigate which brands people purchase the most, and the majority responded with Merrell and Salomon. This was also the case for both men and women. I’ve heard great things about both, and they are affordable. I hope this information is helpful to anyone looking for unique hiking boots. Happy Hiking!

Your Thoughts: What is your favorite hiking boot brand?

This post was about Hiking Boots for Women. Do you prefer hiking boots or running shoes? Share a comment below, and let me know your preference for hiking footwear. 

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