What is Ecotherapy?

Ecotherapy means connecting to nature to improve physical and mental health – what many people know as nature therapy. This approach rests on the idea that people deeply connect to their environment and the earth itself (Raypole, 2020).

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Nature Therapy

I often talk to people about how therapeutic nature is and how you don’t have to be a hiker or an outdoor enthusiast to experience it. Simple things like walking, visiting the beach, or even a scenic road trip can make all the difference. Nature is everywhere you look, and it’s so beautiful.


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Connect With Nature

Several things have stood out to me the most about ecotherapy, and I want to share these to help encourage you to connect with nature in a way you haven’t before. Next time you find yourself outside, pay attention to what you hear, smell, feel, and see. I will give you a scenario to paint a visual for you.

Have you ever noticed how a breath of fresh air makes you feel? What about seeing the sky with vibrant colors or the view of a rainbow? Sometimes, little things like this can make a difference in your day, so when you feel a bit overwhelmed, reconnecting with nature can get you back to where you need to be.

Unwind, Reset & Recharge

Imagine you are at the beach:

  • Hearing: You hear the waves crashing, seagulls chirping, and the wind blowing. These sounds can provide stillness and reset your mind from all the loudness we often hear.
  • Smelling: Smell the fresh air and take a deep breath; the smell of the ocean or anything else can provide comfort. We often forget to breathe, and specific smells can provide more oxygen to our lungs.
  • Feeling: Feel the sand on your feet or your hands and the mist coming from the ocean. This can be great for your skin and exfoliating. Feeling things around you is a way to stay connected by touching nature.
  • Seeing: Look at the beach, the plants nearby, or the colors of the sky – everything. Seeing things like nature can bring a sense of peace and bring you back to yourself. Sight, in general, creates memories that we often remember the most.
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I hope that you find time to engage with nature when it is possible for you. Ecotherapy can help ease your mind; the best part is it’s free. It is excellent for your mental, creative, and physical health, like staying fit and regulating your breathing. The more time you spend outdoors, the more you seek it, so I hope you can incorporate ecotherapy into your life. Read more: [Benefits of Forest Bathing]

Your Thoughts: Have you heard of ecotherapy?

This post was about Ecotherapy. Do you practice ecotherapy in your life? Share a comment below and let me know your thoughts on ecotherapy and how it helps you. 

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