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3 Trail Locations in Fremont

Here are the top 3 Trail Locations in Fremont that I recommend. I also provide an additional park that is worth checking out. It has a nice, simple trail and is a great place.

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1) Don Edwards Wildlife Preserve

Don Edwards is a lovely location to see this part of the Bay Area. It has a nice trail that loops around the marsh area, where you get stunning views of the Bay. My favorite thing to do here is to watch the sunset; there has never been a sunset that disappoints. I’ve seen a lot of cotton candy skies here, and if you go, I am sure you will catch a great sunset here, too. This location is great for families, and it is a very simple trail.

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2) Coyote Hills Regional Park

Coyote Hills is on the other side of Don Edwards, but this side is undoubtedly visited more often. The trials here are also more accessible. There is a mix of moderate trails since some have a bit of incline, but nothing too wild. There is also a lot of parking in this area; typically, there is a $5 fee to get in.

Coyote Hills is also great for families. My kids enjoy this location, and there is a lot of space to run around. Bicyclists come to this park a lot since there are bike trails throughout the park. Photography is also popular here.

Coyote Hills also has a visitor center and a butterfly garden, and it is worth checking out when it’s open. There are many trails to check out at Coyote Hills. In the springtime, it becomes a more popular location because flower blooms are throughout the area.

Coyote Hills

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3) Sabercat Creek Trail

Another trail that is less visited is Sabercat Creek Trail. It’s a bit hidden, which means fewer crowds! The trail begins paved but later turns into an actual dirt trail. This trail is easy but an excellent workout. In the fall, it is nice to see the leaves changing colors.
Sabercat Creek Trail is also excellent to see in the spring. It is visited more during that time of year since it gets wildflowers throughout the trail. I enjoy taking pictures at the creek; it’s my favorite part of this trail, and for a moment, it doesn’t feel like you are in Fremont.

Sabercat Creek Trail

Bonus Park: Niles Community Park

Lastly, here is a park that I recommend in the Niles area. Niles is one of those places you must visit if you come to Fremont. It has so much film history; before Hollywood existed, many black-and-white films were produced here. Charlie Chaplin was very known in the area. There is also a Silent Film Museum, which is so amazing.

The Niles Community Park is tucked away and a great place to walk around. It also has a large pond that you can see all around the park. The park also provides a small playground for children, a picnic area, tennis courts, and a trail that loops the park. It’s a great place to visit with the family; this is a go‑to spot for my kiddos when they need some outdoor nature therapy.

Niles Park

Your Thoughts: Have you hiked in Fremont before?

This post was about 3 Trail Locations in Fremont. Have you visited any of these locations yet? Share a comment below and tell me your favorite trail in your local area.

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